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Who mentored you? What lessons did you learn? Where would you be now if you had not had that mentor?

Research tells us one out of every three young people will grow up without a mentor. Without someone to help coach and guide them. Without someone to provide that critical, life-changing support.  Chicagoland is home to more than 1,000 youth development and mentoring programs.  All designed to ensure youth have the skills, support and exposure needed to succeed in school, career and life. 

Quality youth mentoring matters. 

Best practices and evidence-based standards matter.

The Chicago Mentoring Collaborative works with mentoring programs to help close the youth mentoring gap by making sure programs have the tools and resources they need to effectively serve more youth.  Your investment will allow us the capacity to reach more programs, and build the K - 16 mentoring pipeline - so all young people can have the mentoring supports they need.   

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